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The Revolutionary Fitness Vibration Training Exercise Machine

Although the technology behind these vibration plates seem like a very recent innovation, the concept on the whole body vibration owes its origins way back to the time when the ancient Greeks where so bent on discovering ways to put the healing process of injuries on a faster pace. Originally, they would wrap the affected body part with a piece of cloth, one end of which is tied to a saw that would provide the believed-to-be-healing vibrations. Although simpler in design, this Greek method will show its likeness to the belt massagers that we have today. In the late nineteenth century, famous inventor and physician John Harvey Kellogg used vibrations from machines in treating his patients.

But the idea of using the concept on whole body vibration in the modern times is attributed to Vladimir Nazarov, a Russian scientist. He referred to the process as the “biochemical stimulation.” The Russian Space Program made researches and studies on using vibrations to trigger movement in the muscles, which were supposedly to prevent bones and muscles from being idle while the cosmonauts stayed very long in space. Eventually the concept on whole body vibration were being studied and implemented among ballet dancers when they learned about its effects of helping them recover from muscle injuries faster. No wonder Russia’s Olympic athletes were adopting the idea when they discovered increased jump height and muscle strength after every use.

And now VibraSlim, the leading fitness equipment manufacturer in the United States of America have again uphold their great name in the fitness world in their invention of the revolutionary Europlate Vibration Exercise Machine with completely new fitness functions and attractive design.

Over the years, the name VibraSlim has stood out when it comes to the making of vibration exercise equipment with its continuous production of top-quality fitness equipment that are affordable for the regular and average health buff. VibraSlim leads in the fitness world in its perseverance to provide athletes, doctors, gyms, hospitals, and everyday people with the Vibration Training equipment to improve the total health and well-being of each and everyone.

The new Europlate Vibration Exercise Machine is designed with rubber exercise straps with an improved ability to enhance training results. The whole machine is dependent in the wholly body vibration concept. With whole body vibration varying vibrating frequencies are sent through the body’s various systems—muscular, skeletal, glandular, and nervous systems, which is practically then entire body system. Unlike the traditional gym training that uses large amounts of physical strength to improve one’s well-being, the whole body vibration technique makes use of lower frequencies and still causes healthy effects on the body functions. Generally the whole body vibration technique is ideal for warming up, cooling down, and for strength training, while higher frequencies are for the enhancement of the body’s blood circulation to the stimulation of the body’s peripheral tissues. With the vibrating plate, vibrations are sent through the feet or hands. The body, in turn, adjusts to these stimuli and responds with a corresponding stretch reflex, a reflexive adjustment occurring in the brain that further sends out neuro-regenerative effects as it is rejuvenated and a healthier mental state is restored.

At an affordable price and with all the healthy benefits you get from it, the Europlate Vibration Exercise Machine is definitely a must-have in every home.