The Revolutionary Fitness Vibration Training Exercise Machine

Although the technology behind these vibration plates seem like a very recent innovation, the concept on the whole body vibration owes its origins way back to the time when the ancient Greeks where so bent on discovering ways to put the healing process of injuries on a faster pace. Originally, they would wrap the affected body part with a piece of cloth, one end of which is tied to a saw that would provide the believed-to-be-healing vibrations. Although simpler in design, this Greek method will show its likeness to the belt massagers that we have today. In the late nineteenth century, famous inventor and physician John Harvey Kellogg used vibrations from machines in treating his patients.

But the idea of using the concept on whole body vibration in the modern times is attributed to Vladimir Nazarov, a Russian scientist. He referred to the process as the “biochemical stimulation.” The Russian Space Program made researches and studies on using vibrations to trigger movement in the muscles, which were supposedly to prevent bones and muscles from being idle while the cosmonauts stayed very long in space. Eventually the concept on whole body vibration were being studied and implemented among ballet dancers when they learned about its effects of helping them recover from muscle injuries faster. No wonder Russia’s Olympic athletes were adopting the idea when they discovered increased jump height and muscle strength after every use.

And now VibraSlim, the leading fitness equipment manufacturer in the United States of America have again uphold their great name in the fitness world in their invention of the revolutionary Europlate Vibration Exercise Machine with completely new fitness functions and attractive design.

Over the years, the name VibraSlim has stood out when it comes to the making of vibration exercise equipment with its continuous production of top-quality fitness equipment that are affordable for the regular and average health buff. VibraSlim leads in the fitness world in its perseverance to provide athletes, doctors, gyms, hospitals, and everyday people with the Vibration Training equipment to improve the total health and well-being of each and everyone.

The new Europlate Vibration Exercise Machine is designed with rubber exercise straps with an improved ability to enhance training results. The whole machine is dependent in the wholly body vibration concept. With whole body vibration varying vibrating frequencies are sent through the body’s various systems—muscular, skeletal, glandular, and nervous systems, which is practically then entire body system. Unlike the traditional gym training that uses large amounts of physical strength to improve one’s well-being, the whole body vibration technique makes use of lower frequencies and still causes healthy effects on the body functions. Generally the whole body vibration technique is ideal for warming up, cooling down, and for strength training, while higher frequencies are for the enhancement of the body’s blood circulation to the stimulation of the body’s peripheral tissues. With the vibrating plate, vibrations are sent through the feet or hands. The body, in turn, adjusts to these stimuli and responds with a corresponding stretch reflex, a reflexive adjustment occurring in the brain that further sends out neuro-regenerative effects as it is rejuvenated and a healthier mental state is restored.

At an affordable price and with all the healthy benefits you get from it, the Europlate Vibration Exercise Machine is definitely a must-have in every home.

Learn More about Vibration Exercise Machines

There are a lot of fitness workouts being developed, and vibrating training exercise is one of them. This type of fitness training allows faster recovery of bone density and muscle strength. If you have been into an accident or injury involving your muscle tissues, you can gain back their capability when you get into body vibration training. This is possible through vibration training equipment which you can find in clinics and commercial markets. Other than allowing you to regain lost muscle vigor and bone mass, it also enhances the circulation of blood flow. What is more, it increases regenerative hormone production. Because of this, you will be able to pull through faster when your tissues and muscles are affected. It boosts your metabolic rate, allowing you to reduce excess fat effectively. With quicker fat reduction, you will become more agile, flexible, and energized.

If you want to have your own vibration training machine, there are several choices in the market. One of these is EuroPlate Vibration Training, which you can purchase for $1,699. The vibration movement of this equipment is triangular oscillation, and it is safe for home use. The optimum power of EuroPlate is 1.5hp. It has 17 speed settings and it is equipped with 5 programs. Its weight capability is 120 kg or 264 lbs. Its amplitude is 1 to 10 mm, while its frequency is 0 to 50Hz. This equipment has easy and simple operation controls. Its handrails are durable, and it has three LCD displays. Its steel construction assures you that it will not break after a few times of use. It has exercise bands and strong rubber pad, which measures 14 inches deep and 22 inches wide. The operation of EuroPlate is powered by a 1.5 hp motor. Despite its power, it does not produce a loud noise when used. It comes with a solid base to provide you more stability – Vibration Training. It has built-in wheels to allow you to move it easily after using it.

EuroPlate is a machine for vibrating exercise, which is created out from strong materials. Its steel construction is of high caliber. On the other hand, its polymer case can withstand high impact. Its exercise bands are made from surgical-grade rubber. EuroPlate also has strong rubber and foam pads, along with glossy silver powder paint coat. Compared to other vibration machines, EuroPlate has high quality. Each vibrating machine being produced from the manufacturer goes through a checklist to make sure that each one is able to perform at its best. You will not be able to guarantee this when you opting for the vibration machines of other companies.

If you want to achieve more effective muscle activation, opt for vibration training exercise. Unlike traditional fitness training, you won’t have to go through too much workout in order for you to exercise all of your muscle groups. With 10-minute training on your vibrating machine, you will be able to burn off your fats; use up more energy; and acquire stronger bones and muscles. You can perform several exercise positions through the EuroPlate Vibration Training. Whole body vibration training can be done sitting, standing, lying, and kneeling.

An Alternative For Healthy Workout Is Exercise Vibration Machines

Many people are trying to find additional information in vibration exercise machine today. This information looks at the many facet of vibration fitness machine along with stock shares a number of recommendations.

You will discover a small number with a person available would you include noticed the particular vibration exercise machine ahead of. Quite a lot of you may be thinking who’s has become the recent technologies by simply suppliers. The particular Greeks, even though new at all to all of us, very well understood that notion. In old A holiday in greece, this specific notion seemed to be utilized to batten your curing means of a variety of incidents. Nonetheless, it turned out neglected over the interval along with innovations along with modern advances showing up. This kind of vibrating machine has been brought back into the world not too long ago from the Euro scientist, Vladimir Nazarov. He / she called this vibrating exercising approach as “biochemical stimulation”. Are you currently interested in even more on whole body vibration machine?

A vibrating exercise machine is really a brand-new kind of exercise machine where one can shed weight as well as overall tone lower your muscle mass utilizing vibrations. Vibration physical exercise units can be a progressive strategy for routines that is definitely duplicated simply by scientific disciplines, and permits an individual so that you can shed pounds while not having to accomplish intensive workout routines every single day. The following consists of the employment of a denture using a product which will vibrate in a very specified means which will harm the actual body fat on the physique in addition to operate the idea out with no people requiring you to move in the least. Simply speaking, the cutter does the moving for you personally. This is just what you actually contact an anaerobic kind of work out. Your vibrating device is actually more popular daily and you may measure exactly how helpful it is with the number of people deploying it currently. You’ll find it popular one of the many famous people and athletes. This is how the cutter operates. The item is made up of system so you’re able to frequently endure and also sit on this particular device while it vibrates while you exercising. The idea therefore assists throughout burning added calories along with around tightening a muscles. As you workout on the equipment, you will sense muscle tissue re-acting on the vibrating outcome.

It is considered in which vibrating technological innovation is actually 1 this new technology of our own moments. However, the technique of vibrating exercise machine had not been obscured inside the old occasions. Greeks utilized vibrating engineering to help fasten the actual curing method regarding accidental injuries. That idea was made use of by a new Euro scientist branded Vladimir Nazarov. The task has been named seeing that “biochemical stimulation” simply by Nazrov. One more apparent advantage of some sort of vibrating fitness machine is the peace that it produces. Everyone is familiar with the very idea of vibration useful for massage therapy along with other sorts of introducing relaxation, this is why by just looking at that the procedure for vibrating utilized in these kind of exercising units might completely take it easy your body more than enough to take absent worry as well as, needless to say, reduce degrees of Cortisol chemistry. It truly is discovered that it technological innovation is fairly powerful in preserving a healthy body. You’ll find a large volume of players and stars who’re making use of this product. Like with every growing morning, the following machine is starting to become a component of each of our way of life, it’s very important you know just how the item operates.

On account of the particular vibrations in the machine, extensive by using your vibrations, have got long-term benefits. At some point you will probably find it provides assisted your current range of flexion, hand-eye coordination, coordination, cuboid bone denseness, as well as blood vessels oxygenation. There are many studies in which claim it boasts the consequence associated with minimizing a hormone in the body called Cortisol, which besides reasons far more anxiety and also will cause your dieter to go absolutely mad about overindulge having.
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Vibration Fitness Testimonials we found on forums and blogs

Testimonials on Vibration Exercise Machines  2010

I bought my unit after trying a friends and I love it. I used to go to my chiropractors one a week and use their machine and after doing a lot of research I found that the product that VibraSlim sells ( the EuroPlate ) was a great machine that I could afford to have at my house. It is quiet, with a powerful motor and is super easy to use. I bought it on a Friday and received it in record time. * The next Wednesday. It arrived with Federal Express and the driver helped me bring it inside my house.  It was super easy to assemble and I had it up and running within an hour of opening the box. The controls are super easy to use and now I only go to the doctors office for my adjustments once a month.  I love my VibraSlim and I tell everyone I know about it. Pat Stevens

My VibraSlim vibration exercise machine does everything and more that I wanted, thank you for all of your wonderful help in answering all of my questions and concerns and taking your time with me to ensure that I got what I wanted. I am very happy. Thanks again for everything. JB

After buying a cheaper model from another website, that looked similar to a VibraSlim, only to get the unit after weeks of waiting and waiting. Only to realize that it was a cheap piece of crap from China. After fighting to send it back and to get my money back with the help of my credit card company ( it was like pulling teeth ) I finally was able to send it back and get my money back and then called the guys at VibraSlim.  The sales person was very friendly and answered all of my questions. ( once bitten, twice shy – and very apprehensive !! )  Anyways after feeling comfortable, I decided to order and within a couple of days ( I was also able to track my package as it left the Los Angeles warehouse to my house in Nebraska. I had my husband put it together and I was up and running and have been using my machine with no problems. Thank you VibraSlim for making a bad situation- GOOD. Michelle Banks

My experience with vibration exercise has been nothing but possitive. I heard about it from a friend of mine and was intrigued but not convinced. But my friend was so indistant that is was doing wonders for her and her husband that I took the plunge. I noticed results wihtin the first week, I was sleeping better just for starter (worth it just for that!!!) also my knee pains I have had for many years started to go away. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t even know that vibration exercise fitness would help my knee pain. After 3 weeks I was losing weight and really seeing a big difference. My legs were getting much more toned. It has now been 6 months and I am amazed at my results. I was only looking for weightloss but I got much more. My weightloss has now reached 22 lbs and I have never felt better! I now tell anyone that will listen about my wholebody vibration machine when they ask me how I lost the weight and I get asked alot. I look like the old me again and I could not be happier! Rhonda Green

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